On Saturday, June 5, 2021, we organize the first edition of the E(C)-Cup, an unseen total experience around FIFA 21. Compete with the heroes of your nation to experience the European Championship at the playstation. Enjoy a total experience around the game and who knows, you might become the first E(C)-CUP champion!

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Our qualified TEAM
Tomas Schippers

Meet Tomas! 🤝 

Tomas is our general manager who manages all aspects of our business. He is an active leader who offers good support and you can always turn to him for questions. Besides the EC-CUP, Tomas is mainly active in cycling. Together with Bas and Ruben, he runs the company One Of A Kind Events. One of Tomas' biggest dreams is to organise a giant children's festival.

Jasper De Smet

Meet Jasper! 🤝

Jasper is responsible for the partnerships of our event. He's not a quitter and doesn't shy away from any challenge. Potential partner? Let's call them. My dream is to have my own company in the events sector. So this event is a leap in the right direction. Furthermore, I like to learn, so I don't avoid any challenges.  

Jasper Verbraeken

Meet Jasper! 🤝

Jasper is the creative mind of the team. Every team stands or falls with a good, well considered concept. For our event, this part has been very carefully worked out by Jasper.In addition to the EC cup, Jasper is also passionate about sports. You can find him on the soccer field, on the bike and much more. One of Jasper's big dreams is to organize big sports events both at home and abroad.

Nick de Bruyn

Meet Nick! 🤝 

Nick deals with the social media of the event. He mainly focuses on Facebook & Instagram due to his great interest in these social media channels.In addition to the EC-CUP, Nick is an avid FIFA 21 player together with Ruben. He plays the matches for monday matchday of the EC-CUP.Nick's big dream is to lead an event agency and get his name in the event world.

Ruben Verhelst

Meet Ruben! 🤝

Ruben is our graphic designer who visually shapes our ideas in different media. He is specialized in both artistic and technical skills.In addition to the EC-CUP, Ruben is an avid FIFA 21 player together with Nick. He is also active at One of A Kind.Ruben's big dream is, just like Tomas, to set up a big children's festival with One of A Kind.

Bas Bukkems

Meet Bas! 🤝

Bas is the administrator within our team. Analyzing financial data in Excel is Bas's ultimate know-how. Bas is always ready to create a good atmosphere within the team.In addition to EC-CUP, Bas is also a leader in the Chiro Boys Loenhout, with whom he organizes an annual Beachweekend.Bas' big dream is to create his own big festival. This can be any type of event.

Our Blogs

Want to know more about the event or about esports? Interesting content about our partners? You can find it all in our blogs. Do you have an interesting topic of your own? 

Mail it to info@ec-cup.eu!

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